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Spellcraft Issue 13 | WINTER 2009

Hearth and Home

The Charmed Abode.

The Flaming Circle. Interview with Robin Artisson.
Concealed Ritual Objects Reveal a Magickal Past.
Tealeaves, Strings and Sealing Wax...
David Wilson-Steer and a Magickal Home.
Stacey Demarco unveil's the Witch's Library.
Explore Altar-ed Space with Pip Stoneham
Creating a Sacred Place in a 24/7 World.

Celebrating Goddess: Athena, Epona and the Domestic Goddess.
Ritual Tools: The Cauldron.
Tarot Magick: Hearth of the Empress.
Around the Cauldron: Pagans out and loud.
On Your Broomstick: Detour to Sri Lanka.

COVER ART - VESTA by Lampros Kalfuntzos
View more of his artwork at www.3ddream.net

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